Roof Repairs & Restoration in Melton

Roof Services — Melton

For the best roof restoration and repair work in Melton, call the team at 5 Star Home Improvement.

5 Star Home Improvement has 25 years’ experience in the roofing industry. Our team of qualified roofing professionals complete all jobs to the highest standard using only the best-quality materials. We endeavour to cause as little disruption to your daily life as possible and we even thoroughly clean up at the end of all jobs.

Routine Roof Maintenance

Our expert team uses the latest in both safety and roof cleaning equipment to conduct all roof maintenance and cleaning work. They are also trained to assess roofs for potential problems, including identifying conditions that can lead to cracks, leaks and other roof damage.

5 Star Home Improvement’s roof cleaning services include high pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

Roof Refurbishing

For all roof refurbishment work, 5 Star Home Improvement uses only the best quality roofing materials. We always ensure we find materials that blend perfectly with the existing roof, even for period or heritage buildings.

Roof Restorations & Repairs

Emergency Roofing Services

We also have a quick response team ready to handle any roofing emergencies.

Your roof may be damaged by storms, falling trees and branches, hail or strong winds. These conditions can chip or crack tiles or pull metal sheeting away from the roof’s structure. However, you may also not notice damage until your ceiling begins to leak or caves in entirely.

In any of these circumstances, call the 5 Star Home Improvement quick response team immediately.

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For the best roofing repairs and restoration in Melton, contact the team at 5 Star Home Improvement. Give us a call today on (03) 9399 1177 or contact us online.